We aim to have the best Cherry picker hire prices in Essex and Suffolk  

If you find it cheaper let us know and we will beat it!

Our Cherry Picker hire prices are flexible and tailored to suit the individual.

Nifty 120t - Up to 12 meters working height and 6 meters reach from the centre

£100 for the first day then £50 per day. Towable and self operated.

(This machine will fit in smaller places and can be used indoors and needs 3.5 meters for the legs).

Truck - 20 meter working height and 9 meter reach from the centre. Comes with an operator

£100 for the first hour then £50 per hour (plus mileage). We can be on site from 9am till 3pm.

(This truck will not fit under bridges lower than 3.1 meters) 

Scissor Lift 10 meters working height

Please call...


Please call to enquire - Please note there will be a minimum delivery fee of £40

Please note that the ground must be firm, level and accessible. Also note the height and reach of the machines. If you are not sure we will be happy to come out and take a look for no charge.

We are a new company so there is no VAT to pay for the moment!

For a free quote call us on 01206 683329