We hire our 12.2 metre (40 feet) high Nifty 120T Cherry pickers out in and around Essex and Suffolk.  This particular type of access platform has a reach of 20 feet or 6.1 metres and some great features and benefits which include:-

  • Bi-Energy 
  • Optimising utilisation
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • Quick & easy setup
  • Access through double doorway openings
  • Telescopic Upper Boom
  • Greater accuracy when positioning platform
  • Fully Proportional Hydraulic Controls
  • It’s simple, reliable & easy to maintain
  • Telescopic Axles
  • Traction Drive 
  • Improved manoeuvrability on-site

The Nifty 120T Cherry Picker is trailer mounted and this, along with its telescopic upper boom, means that it has the maximum reach possible for a cherry picker,  from a very small base.  It’s also very easy to set up with its hydraulically operated outriggers and telescopic axles. 

Roof repairs with a Nifty 120T Cherry Picker, hire Colchester, Essex

Nifty 120t 

Nifty 120T Cherry Picker access platform, Colchester, Essex
Nifty 120T access platform for hire from Colchester Cherry Picker Hire, Essex
Diagram of a Nifty 120T Cherry Picker from Colchester Cherry Picker Hire, Essex

The axles, combined with the compact base make it small and easy to move and operate, so it’s the perfect cherry picker for tight spaces.

In short, it’s compact, easy to move and use with great reach,  it’s ideal for those tricky access jobs AND we can offer some of the most competitive prices in Essex and Suffolk for cherry picker hire.

Our Nifty 120T access platform weighs around 1400kg and has a tow bar so you an collect if you have a suitable vehicle.

For further information on hire prices for our cherry pickers go to our prices pages, call us on 07588 363926 or email us